Cricket & Co is a clothing concept born in Belgium in 1986, both classic and sporty, offering a complete and coordinated line of men's clothing. Every day, we welcome customers from the most classic to the most daring looking for the best clothing comfort. Cricket & Co has been supporting golf and motorsport sports federations and teams for years.


Legend has it that the brand was born on January 15, 1986, between England and Belgium, motor racing and golf, Spa Francorchamps and club chairs. Cigar, wine-colored velvet pants, ocher V-shaped sweater and English-style tricolor check shirt, the Cricket & Co man embodies confident elegance, the charismatic style of a self-respecting man. A man who prioritizes comfort and family. Cricket & Co is also the name of a typically English sport with all that it implies: chic, masculinity, competition and winning team spirit. The color that animates it is none other than the legendary British Racing Green. Jaguar and Lotus fans spot the subtlety of this green everywhere they go and dress at Cricket & Co...

Since its founding, the brand has had a strong start.

Prestigious associations with motor racing, golf federations and sailing began. The brand represents the sporty and elegant man. Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Tom Walkinshow, but also Jacky Ickx, Thierry Boutsen, Jean-Michel Martin, Vincent Vosse and many others. The logo will be everywhere: on a bright yellow helicopter, on red Ferrari racing trucks, on minibuses (Indy cars, formula 3000), on the Spa loops, on the 24 hours of Francorchamps, on the Dakar. Automotive brands that want to be associated with Cricket & Co: Ferrari, BMW, Toyota, Renault, Honda, Ford, and many others. Toyota will offer a special edition of the Corolla Cricket & Co. In one week, 4,000 models will be sold. Honda will produce a Vespa in the colors of the 90s, with a matching scarf and gloves: Generation X still remembers it...

The first store was opened on May 26, 1987 at Place Stockel in Brussels. It still exists today. This first store offered a full range of men's clothing. At the same time, a showroom in Sablon was used to organize fashion shows where the most beautiful people in the world gathered. Today, Cricket & Co has more than 20 stores under its name in Belgium and two private sales depots. To be informed of our events in advance, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Cricket & Co's philosophy of life

The brand's motto? "Have a good day." For 35 years, everything has been done to fill your day with great energy. The brand values ​​are family, friendship, loyalty, commitment, a comfortable and unpretentious lifestyle and high quality at an extremely competitive price. What allows Cricket & Co to offer the best prices in the sector is its verticality. This means that, by knowing the market and working with the right people, Cricket & Co is able to work directly with all stages of the design, manufacturing and distribution of a collection, and has done so since 2008.

The Cricket & Co family

At Cricket & Co, family spirit is the basis of the company. Employees stay for decades, building loyalty, as well as a well-informed customer base sensitive to the brand's core strengths. Mastering the world of men's clothing is an expertise, a specialty. The two men behind the brand are completely complementary. The founder, with his elegant charisma, his infallible knowledge of the market and their stores, masters the timeless assets of men's clothing. Cricket & Co's other strength is a brilliant engineer, a leading specialist in European textiles and trade, who is also always well dressed. What do the two men have in common? The vision, the pleasure of style, of sportswear, of elegance in comfort, the desire to go further together and to contribute to the lives of dozens of families behind THE Cricket & Co family.

Your experience at Cricket & Co

Imagine... When you go shopping, you want to have a pleasant experience while getting dressed. You enter a Cricket & Co store and park easily in front of the store. You feel safe knowing your car stays put. The store manager, called the "Cricket & Co store mom", welcomes you as if you were at home. These “store moms” have been there since the start of their careers, bringing their valuable experience to your shopping. New stores allow your wife to sit in the back lounge while you, sir, try on outfits. This is made easier by the fact that the "store mom" knows you, your size, your colors, your tastes, your body type and your habits. You have a real time, seeing your wife and the person in charge offering you combinable, super comfortable outfits, and you leave happy, feeling rejuvenated and "at home" in these new clothes.

Who is the stylish Cricket & Co man?

The Cricket & Co man embodies an elegant, comfortable and colorful sportswear style, which is suitable for both the weekend and the office. Thanks to an unbeatable quality/price ratio, you can treat yourself to a coherent wardrobe with strong DNA from one collection to the next. The Cricket & Co man finds himself in pleasant materials, particularly comfortable and always with a friendly and modern touch. Thanks to a recognizable identity and a signature color, the brand dresses men with personality who will particularly appreciate finding models that suit them from one collection to another. The Cricket & Co style has evolved since its beginnings, offering a slightly more classic sportswear wardrobe, enriched with inspirations like Leopold Lippens, who dared to wear burgundy velvet pants with a blazer, then Jacky Ickx, who launched the fashion jeans worn with a blazer. Over the past 20 years, the men's wardrobe has evolved further towards comfort, with the arrival of the "Friday" style in the office. Today, the two contexts come together, because men like to be elegant on the weekend while being able to be chic in the office without ostentation.

Where do Cricket & Co clothing come from?

The products are mainly European, which means that they are qualitative, local for the most part, and manufactured using the latest technologies. The brand favors natural materials and ecology with bamboo fiber for socks or organic cotton for sweaters for example. Turkey, a major textile specialist, manufactures shirts, pants and sweaters (with Italian thread). Italy, a reference in knitting, is one of the brand's main partners. And finally Asia supplies polo shirts and parkas. Thanks to the reopening of the Silk Road (towards Liège station), Cricket & Co is reducing its carbon footprint by using trains to transport goods.