The best clothing colors during summer heat waves

The best clothing colors during summer heat waves -


Summer's here, and with it the sweltering heat waves that make us want to stay cool and comfortable. But did you know that the color of your clothes can have an impact on your thermal comfort? Based on a Japanese experimental study and a tv report on RTL-TVI, we're going to guide you to the best clothing colors to wear to stay cool on those hot summer days. Follow our simple tips to look as refreshing as the sea breeze!

Opt for light colors

Light colors like white, beige, pastels and pale tones are the best choices for staying cool during heat waves. These colors reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it, reducing the heat felt on your body. So opt for tops and dresses in light tones to stay comfortably cool.


Avoid dark colors  



Dark colors like black, navy and brown absorb sunlight, which can make you feel even hotter. These colors tend to increase body heat and can lead to uncomfortable heat build-up. Try to avoid them on hot summer days and opt for lighter, brighter colors instead.


Go for pastels and bright colors

Pastel shades, as well as bright colors such as lemon yellow, candy pink, coral and turquoise, are not only trendy, they can also be particularly pleasant during heat waves. These colors reflect heat rather than absorb it, helping to maintain a lower body temperature. Don't hesitate to add a splash of color to your summer wardrobe to brighten up your outfits while staying comfortably cool.


Choose light, breathable fabrics

In addition to choosing the right colors, it's also important to opt for lightweight, breathable materials for your summer clothes. Fabrics like cotton, linen and silk allow air to circulate, facilitating the evaporation of perspiration and helping you stay cool. Pair these lightweight materials with the right colors for a winning combination.

When temperatures climb and heat waves are at their peak, choosing the right colors can make all the difference in keeping you feeling cool. Opt for light colors, pastels and bright hues, which will reflect heat rather than absorb it. Combined with light, breathable fabrics, these colors will let you enjoy summer in comfort. So don't hesitate to refresh your wardrobe and suitcases with the right summer colors to make the most of every sunny day!

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