Discover our Eco-Friendly Sweater Collection -

Discover our Eco-Friendly Sweater Collection

Discover our Eco-Friendly Sweater Collection


When you're looking for clothes that combine elegance, quality and environmental ethics, the AARON sweater collection is a must-have choice. Made in Italy, this sweater embodies our commitment to sustainable development and the preservation of our planet.

 Wear it proudly, knowing that every stitch contributes to reducing our environmental impact.





A sweater in the Italian tradition


More than just a garment, this sweater with round neck and elbow patch carries with it a history of sustainability and renowned Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is made in Italy, where the art of garment-making has been rooted in tradition for generations. So you're not only wearing an elegant, colorful garment, but also a piece of this exceptional Italian tradition.



Ecological and sustainable ethics


What sets this speckled wool sweater with recycled polyester apart is its commitment to the environment. The "MILLEFILI ECO-LLECTION greenTOSI" label is synonymous with respect for the planet. On the label, you'll see guarantees of quality and responsibility such as the following inscriptions:

  • GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Certified': This guarantees that the fibers used to manufacture this sweater are derived from recycled materials, helping to reduce the demand for new raw materials.
  • 'Blended with Eco-Friendly Raw Materials with Low Environmental Impact': The materials used are designed to minimize their impact on the environment, whether in terms of water resources, energy or chemicals and CO2 emissions.


By wearing this sweater, you'll be contributing to a significant reduction in the consumption of our precious environmental resources, thus helping to protect our planet.




Respectful fashion for a better future

Choosing a sweater from the AARON MILLEFILI ECO-LLECTION greenTOSI collection goes far beyond elegance. It's an act of support for more environmentally-friendly fashion. Every time you slip on this sweater, you declare your commitment to a better future for our planet.

 You're proving that fashion can be both chic and eco-friendly.



So why not make this AARON sweater part of your wardrobe and be part of this sustainable fashion revolution? Choose a style that makes sense!