Discover the advantages of Silicone Wash: a textile innovation -

Discover the advantages of Silicone Wash: a textile innovation



Garment Silicone Wash: a textile innovation 


In the ever-changing world of fashion and textiles, technological innovations are crucial to meeting consumer needs while respecting the environment. One such advance, "Silicone Wash", has gained popularity as a fabric treatment method offering both aesthetic and practical benefits.




What is Silicone Wash?

Silicone Wash is a fabric finishing technique that involves the use of silicones to modify the material's properties. This method is commonly used in the textile industry to create garments that are soft to the touch, smooth and retain their new appearance for longer.


The Silicone Wash process begins by applying a silicone mixture to the fabric. The fabric is then subjected to a series of treatments, including washing, drying and sometimes polishing, to ensure even distribution of the silicone across the entire fabric surface.







The benefits of Silicone Wash


Softness and comfort

Silicone Wash gives fabrics a remarkably soft feel. Garments treated with this method are pleasant to wear and offer exceptional comfort all day long.



Garments treated with Silicone Wash are more resistant to wear and tear, and retain their new appearance longer. The silicone forms a protective layer over the fabric, helping to prevent premature wear and maintain the integrity of the material.



In addition to their softness and durability, garments treated with Silicone Wash have an attractive aesthetic appearance. The treatment gives the fabric a smooth, silky finish that enhances its overall appearance.


Crease and wrinkle resistance

Thanks to the silicone layer, garments suffer less wrinkling and creasing, making them easier to care for and ensuring they always look impeccable, even after several washes.


Reduced environmental impact

Unlike some harsh chemical treatments, Silicone Wash uses silicones which are generally considered to be more environmentally friendly. What's more, by extending the life of garments, this method helps to reduce the production of textile waste.





Silicone Wash represents a significant advance in the textile industry, offering a unique combination of softness, durability and aesthetics.


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